Nicole Thomas Knits


Hello! My name is Nicole.

Wine touring in PEC, August 2018

I started on my knitting journey in 1995 when a visiting relative taught me how to knit when I was home sick from school. I have picked up knitting on and off over the years. In 2014, I picked up my needles for the last first time and haven’t looked back since. I soon discovered my joy in teaching others to knit when I took on my first student about a year later – my big sister! I love watching my students go from that (inevitable) initial frustration and confusion to that joyful pride and expression of look what I made!

Modelling my handmade knits, October 2018

My other passion is yoga, wellness and mindfulness. Practicing yoga is something that I have done on and off for many years. After struggling with depression and anxiety, and a general feeling of loss and confusion in the direction of my life, I decided to dive deeper into my understanding of yoga and the practice. I took a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2017 and the rest is history. I actually love the philosophical and spiritual of yoga more than I do the physical practice (this coming from the girl who once complained about a teacher being too woo woo for my liking in their teachings).

Connecting with Nature in a Lavender Field, PEC, August 2018

I live in Ajax, Ontario, Canada with my husband Stephen and our two cats (Bruce and Alfie). When I am not knitting, I love watching movies and TV, listening to podcasts and reading (both fiction and non-fiction). I love wine and wine tours are my jam! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (Ravenclaw all the way!) and we recently went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios for our first wedding anniversary. I love to travel and I make a point to visit local yarn shops in every new city I visit.

Our wedding in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario, April 2018
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